Andrew Lichterman

After technical difficulties caused by an avalanche of comment spam, is up and running again, or at least visible. Having failed to come up with any solution to the comment spam problem that does not require regular attention at levels that exceed the time available, we have for the moment disabled the comment feature of the site. Now up are all those posts that were retrievable (basically everything to May 2007). Our thanks to Michael Veiluva, who provided valuable commentary on the ebb and flow of the slow-motion Iran nuclear crisis in this space over the past year. His Iran Daily Opinion Service now can be found at its own site here.

For the moment the future of this site remains uncertain. Those who have written for it have many other commitments, or are (like most people on the planet) struggling with the basics of everyday life amidst the growing economic crisis. Here’s hoping that we can build movements that recognize that the struggles for peace, economic justice, and an ecologically rational way of life are one.